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The worst thing that can happen is the destruction of your home or business. Your memories, your inventory, and the loss of things you may never get back can be devastating. Some things can be replaced, while others can’t.

PorterHouse Contracting LLC is a full-service property restoration company and as such we can work directly with your insurance provider to ease the stress of the repair process.

We will also take care of the hard stuff like inspections, emergency cleanups, water removal, and repair. If the project is sensitive and involves physical hazards, such as sickness or health-related impairments, we will use an Industrial Hygienist (IH).

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Water Damage – Certain parts of Indiana are subject to heavy rainfall, and fluctuating temperatures, thus leading to flooding, especially in basements, or your pipes bursting from a sudden temperature drop. PorterHouse can help. It’s important to get standing water cleaned up as soon as possible before the water causes more damage.

There are several steps to water damage remediation. One of the most important steps is locating where the water is coming in. That is the underlying problem. Our job is to clear away the mess and repair what was damaged. The PorterHouse crew is highly skilled and knowledgeable and will put your home or business back together.

  • Leak Detection
  • Emergency Cleanup
  • Water Removal
  • Structural Dryout
  • Dehumidification

PorterHouse uses cutting-edge structural drying methods to save your home or business. We use the latest technology and equipment to quickly dry the water-damaged areas on your property before repairing and restoring them. And we will also take additional steps to get your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Fire Damage – Fire damage is one of the worst forms of property loss. Whether it is a home or business, memories are involved. The loss of those memories at your home, or the monetary loss of inventory, both hit hard. PorterHouse will treat your memories with care.

There will be a plan of action initiated to restore your home or business and its contents. We will remove the contents from the troubled areas and take steps to clean the air and return it to a safe quality level.

  • Board-up
  • Damage assessment
  • Smoke, soot removal, and cleanup
  • Removal of water
  • Fire and smoke damage cleanup and repairs
  • Restoration

PorterHouse will deal with your insurance provider and take that stress from you as we go through the remediation and restoration process.

Mold Remediation – The remediation process when dealing with mold should happen immediately. Mold can be very harmful to the health of those that already have health problems. Mold can grow and spread very quickly in a home or business and if it’s not stopped, the damage that mold causes both monetarily and health-wise can be very detrimental.

Our IICRC-certified mold professionals will conduct a free inspection and if there is reason to believe mold is present a test will be taken. From there we can create a mold protocol for mold removal.

  • Inspection and damage assessment
  • Testing for mold
  • Air purification
  • Corrective action

If mold is found, PorterHouse will remove the items that are contaminated, clean up the area, and make sure the air is purified and safely breathable. If the mold did any structural damage, the restoration will be done so we can be certain that the mold spores are completely gone.

Storm Damage Repairs – As with water damage of any sort, another cause of damage can be storm damage. Indiana is known for its fluctuating weather conditions. A simple thunderstorm can turn into a serious flooding situation. A nice cooling breeze can turn into 60-mile-an-hour winds that can snap trees in half, pull them out of the ground, or even turn into a tornado.

  • Assessment of damages
  • Flooding mold, tornado, high winds
  • Immediate repairs
  • Restoration

Storm damage can be immense. That is where PorterHouse comes in. The PorterHouse team will arrive at your property rapidly to assess the damage and then immediately begin repairs. There will be comprehensive temporary repairs in Central Indiana for residential and commercial properties.

Thermal Imaging Inspections – Sometimes it’s difficult to find out where a leak originates, especially if it is behind a wall or under a floor. PorterHouse uses thermal imaging technology to locate a burst pipe, leak, or areas of water damage. This takes the guesswork out of inspections and lengthy periods of trying to physically locate a leak.

We will use thermal imaging to try and locate where the leak originated from. Once that area is located, then we will begin the remediation process. Once the leak is fixed and the surrounding areas are free of mold and water, then comes restoration. PorterHouse will restore the area to the way it once was.

PorterHouse Contracting LLC can help in any situation. If you have an issue, we will talk to your insurance provider, we will fix the problem, and then we will restore it, good as new. Give PorterHouse Contracting LLC a call today for a quote.

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    Sonya Fisco Avatar Sonya Fisco
    September 8, 2023

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    Maureen Smith Avatar Maureen Smith
    September 8, 2023

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    Pam Craney fka Madsen Avatar Pam Craney fka Madsen
    September 8, 2023
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    Mydah Choudhry Avatar Mydah Choudhry
    August 29, 2023

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    Daniel Cooper Avatar Daniel Cooper
    August 29, 2023

    I would recommend porterhouse as a small business to anyone in my family and friend. They are great professional, friendly, and on time. Thank you so much porterhouse

    Joanna Henderson Avatar Joanna Henderson
    August 22, 2023